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I just remembered, as I started writing this, that it’s been November since we last played Magic, since we lost one game night to Christmas, which was designated Magic night as it was to be the least active night. I didn’t go, of course, because it was Christmas Eve, and I had the plan of relaxing after work, eating excellent food we don’t usually eat (this year, it was lamb. Awesome, awesome lamb.), and reveling in the pile of goodies waiting under the tree for the kids.

So I’ve had lots of time to put together and build decks, with my supply of cards continuing to expand, and have taken to rebuilding most of my earlier decks. But firs, some explanations. If you’re familiar with Magic, you can skip this. Or if you want more info, there’s always Wikipedia.

To explain to non-magic players, the game is played by playing cards from a deck. You use resources to cast spells, build up forces, and ultimately try to kill the other player(s).

Lands are basically resources you use to power spells. They come in 5 colors (white, blue, black, red, green), plus colorless. Each color has its particular strength (ex, red is good at direct damage dealing, blue tends to manipulate the other players’ cards), and usually over a third of the deck is made up of these cards.

The rest are spells. They come in for general types. Creatures are permanents that are played to the table, and used to attack or defend. Most have additional things they can do, based on the text on the card. Enchantments are also permanents. They stay on the table and modify battlefield conditions, like strength or special abilities (ex. a card that decreases the attack power of all opponents’ creatures by 1), or individual creatures (my white decks have cards that take creatures off the battlefield (exile them) as long as the card is on the table. Then you have sorceries (which have specific effects, but can only be played at certain times, or instants, which are similar but can be played anytime (usually in a battle to kill opponents’ creatures and save your own).

I can’t explain much more without getting into specific mechanics and relying on the unofficial motto of Magic (and any deck building-style game: Read the Fucking Card!

As I mentioned above, I’ve been building decks. You can technically just buy decks, but these are put together to be of a certain quality. People addicted to card crack most Magic players will inevitably start building their own particular decks, or modifying existing ones to make them more powerful.

Right now I have 2 commander decks I’ve built for play tonight. T0 explain this, a normal deck has 60 cards, and no more than 4 of any card except basic lands. A commander deck has 100 cards, all cards except basic lands are unique, and one card is designated as the commander. This card has a special spot (commander zone), is played at any time the player has the land to do so, and returns there rather than being discarded, etc. I have an all white deck of angels and men with Odric, Lunarch Marshal as my commander. His abilities let special abilities one of my creatures have extend to all my creatures. For example, if I get one creature with indestructible (can’t be killed by causing it damage), then in combat, ALL my creatures have it. And yes, I have creatures that can do that. My other commander deck is is a red, white, and black monster deck led by Zurgo Helmsmasher. He doesn’t boost anyone else. He just attacks every turn. 7 damage every turn (and when most creatures die when you have 7 damage, and players only have 40 life, 7 damage means something), and he’s indestructible when he attacks. And he’s not the biggest monster in the deck. For example, there’s Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger. he throws out 10 damage AND eliminates the top 20 (out of a starting 100) cards off an opponent’s deck (and if you run out of cards, you lose). And he’s also indestructible.

That’s why there are cards that destroy every creature (or everything) on the table instantly. Here’s mine.

So between those beastly decks, and several standard 60-card decks, including my goblin deck, which is all about spawning goblins on goblins on goblins, built around Krenko, Mob Boss, who can double the number of goblins I have on the table every time I take a turn. And since creatures can usually only block one creature, and I can sent 100+ easily, or kill them to just cause damage to the other player, and the player only has 20 life, it makes for a short game (unless I don’t get any fucking land (it happened the last 2 times I played the deck, although I still won once by attacking with 5 creatures, getting my opponent to 5, then sacrificing all those creatures to do 5 more points and win)

Yeah, it’s fucking card crack. At least I organize, build decks, and play them rather than grinding them up and snorting or smoking them.


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