Game Night – Demon Hunters

While I kind of gave up with my daily January posts, it was for a couple good reasons. First, I’m a lazy fuck. Second, I got playing Red Dead Redemption again on the PS3. If you like an open world western, it’s well worth checking out.

The third reason was I was beginning to write a scenario for the Demon Hunters RPG, which I am now (more or less) ready to run. Tonight.

And thought I really only started the document a couple days ago, I’ve been reacquainting myself with the world of Demon Hunters, which is set in the modern day, with all the reality I’m willing to insert.

For example, the team is based out of Sidney, Ohio (which is where game night usually is in the real world), in a base hidden under the Waffle House. And since this shithole of a restaurant is being remodeled, the lack of grease and waffles will affect the team at the start of tonight’s scenario.

And while tonight’s scenario will be taking place in a fictional location on the south side of Lansing, Michigan, there are lots of cool real-world elements. Like the fact that the Ghostbusters movies (including the reboot) exist, as well as all the equipment. Fallout Boy still sucks ass though, and their mutilation of the Ghostbusters theme will not be played. EVAR!

So yeah, tonight is a scenario where the team must take down a ghost or two. And player knowledge of all the movies is a good idea. Because as maligned as the reboot was, they have the cooler toys and better ghost action sequences.

A little more on the game. The Demon Hunters RPG comes from the bunch at Dead Gentlemen, the creators of The Gamers movies. I first played it at Gen Con last year, right after getting a signed book from the creators themselves (RSG has helped out with a few of their things, with at least one promo that Lars and I (mainly Lars) worked on resting on their blu-ray release of their best movie, Gamers: Dorkness Rising), and have run the game myself twice.

***pause, because I forgot to finish, and the post sat all night unfinished***

So I forgot to finish and post this yesterday. This was not intentional, but due to the need for prepwork, a headache, and Lars showing up for a visit, which meant the clock finally ran out.

But game night was a success. The team blasted all the ghosts into oblivion, doing fairly minor damage, except for exploding a GIANT ROOM FULL OF MIRRORS! which sent glass flying everywhere. The name of the condition I inflicted on them was Glass-nado, which prompted discussion of the SYFY classic shit movie Sharknado.

That and there were lots of cool explosions and CGI-quality ghosts exploding. A good time was had by all, and that’s what matters.

So now I begin the process again, as I run again in 6 weeks. And the first thing to decide on is what kind of scenario next? I had an idea about an evil cable company (evilerer than Time Warner/Comcast/Spectrum/Whatever, if that’s possible) that is killing its customers for dark rituals, or something with pirates (because they were playing Pirate Fluxx last night while I was getting ready). And because the first time I played Demon hunters, there were pirates. and as we all know…

Everything’s Better with Pirates.



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