The Battle For the Soul of America, the Super Bowl, and trump

Having said goodbye to the -11 shackles of partisan blindness that I wore as recently as 2008 (thanks to Bush, McCain, and 0bama for giving me a reason to despise both parties), I’ve been both amused and disgusted at pretty much every news story since the election (and probably before, but I was mostly just watching which stupid pair of fucking clown shoes would be trying to ruin the country). And it hasn’t all been directed at president Shitdick McFuckskull (I had no respect for the bastard before the snake oil salesman weaseled his way into the White House; I’m not starting now), mainly because the left has embraced the the whole #resist thing at a brainless pace only equalleed by the apparent attempts at the trumptards to claim a mandate because their fearless leader claims that he actually won the election big time (as in he won the popular vote too…).

Some examples: On the left, besides the usual protest antics (no one sane can respect a woman who dresses up like a giant vagina), they’ve taken to rioting and looting and attempting to shut down the alt-right scum that are just giving speeches, which of course gives credence to trumps claim that the left is just a bunch of PC nuts who want to control speech and shut down people with whom they disagree.

Not that the lying cocksucker-in-chief has any respect for free speech. But so far he hasn’t done anything to stop that. Yet. So far, it’s just been talk.

But after he signed his probably unconstitutional anti-religious Muslim immigrant ban (which he said he was going to do), and a judge rightly blocked it until it could be contested in court, and the 9th circuit upheld that, the Twittertard of the United States went into attacking the judge rather than arguing the rightness of his ban (as a bullying thug with small hands and dick would do).

This is not surprising. Surprising is his choice for the supreme court, who looks to be a sober judge he in the mold of Scalia, rather than a rubber stamp for the orange dictator leader of the (less) free world.

But the best part was the slew of commercials during the Super Bowl. Lots of shots at a protectionist president, from the Coke ad singing America the Beautiful in multiple languages to the Budweiser commercial showing the history of company founder and immigrant Adolphus Busch. But the big one was from 84 Lumber, which was edited to get it on TV. Of course, that just meant you had to go online and watch it.

Go and watch the whole thing now, then come back. I’ll wait.


I doubt anyone entrenched in a position is going to change that position because of a commercial. But if they spark conversations on why most people come to this country (hint: it’s for opportunity, not welfare and terrorism), they they were good commercials. As for me, I’d hit up 84 Lumber if I had one anywhere near me base solely on the moment in the censored portion where that little girl, who’s been collecting scraps of fabric throughout the commercial, pulls out a homemade American flag. Saw it coming, still choked me up a bit. Was more patriotic than the usual pregame America/Military self-spank that occurs around the singing of the national anthem.

Disclaimer: that last sentence is not meant to disparage the men and women serving overseas in the armed forces, or the idea pof patriotism, but the ritualistic, almost religious ceremony we go through to prove we’re from ‘Murica, which is about as genuine as trumps Christianity.

Also, anyone who says trump is a good Christian president, Jesus says fuck you.

So this post is a little meandering. Well, that’s bound to happen when I’m still bloated with wings and poutine from last night’s game. Also, when every day brings somebody saying something batshit crazy, trying to address the insane with sanity just doesn’t work.

So as a final thought to this, there are some good ideas and arguments on both “sides” of the political spectrum (although most people now are not married to either of these “sides”), and most of the people who are adherents to Team Red(ish) or Team Blueare too consumed with dick measuring to look at anything with rationality.

So judge each person as they are, by objective assessments of their specific ideas,and their individual character, and every idea on its merits, and not by the retard that spat them out into the world. And maybe people in both camps will learn that when you give your party a bigger gun, the other party is going to inevitably get that gun and point it at you.

Okay, they probably won’t. I’m thinking one-way tickets to New Zealand might be in my future….


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