Thoughts on trump’s Joint Address

First of all, I think I’d have liked it more if it had been a JOINT address. As in if I’d smoked a joint before watching.  Because I don’t remember any of these speeches that didn’t piss me off. At least in the last decade, since I got my libertarian on. But I figured I’d give Cheeto Hitler (I love that name!) a chance to make the case for what he wants to do without the political rhetoric of the campaign.

Overall, fuck the asshole. At least I had fun live tweeting it. Can you imagine what trump’s Twitter feed will look like tomorrow? BAD!

And now, let’s look at what’s good and mostly bad in the speech. I’ll leave out the usual pomp and bullshit and meaningless platitudes, because every president feels the need to jerk off the whole ‘Murica thing. Or they all believe the shit.

First, he took credit for a bunch of companies investing in America. Um, no. Some may have done so because they think business under Trump will be better than it would have been under Hillary Clinton. Although two of the companies, GM and Chrysler, are bailout companies, and Lockheed is a military contract whore. More on the military coming up.

As for his idea of deregulation at a 2-1 rate? Good, although not adding regulations at all would be better.

Like immigration. The freedom to travel should be upheld, with the government power to turn away actual criminals (no quotas and profiling bullshit). While he did mention the idea that people who can offer something should come to America, I suspect that his idiotic “Hire American, Buy American” chant doesn’t really allow for hiring them Mexican drug dealers and rapists he was talking about when he started the GOP’s descent into madness.

And of course, that leads us to the refrain of RADICAL ISLAM!!!!!!!!!11!! ! This, of course is the justification for perpetual war. And while it started (with some justification in 2001-2002 under Bush), it has become the excuse to restrict liberty at home and bomb the fuck out of a good portion of the rest of the world, as well as continue to give the terrorists their best recruiting tool EVER!

He then went on to talk about his SCOTUS pick, Neil Gorsuch. To be honest, this is a pick I look forward to seeing on the court, as he’s an originalist in the mold of Scalia, whom he’s replacing. I doubt we’re going to get a better choice if the left hissy fits this nominee down. This was the high point in the speech for me.

Then he moved on to the shitty economic conditions which are still a little shitty. But it wasn’t because of NAFTA and China, it was because of the thug actions of government. Now he is right that taxes are too high and that’s one reason we’re suffering overall. And his solution (because other countries tax the shit out of Harleys)? TARIFFS! A note to the economically uneducated (like trump): Taxing stuff coming into this country won’t bring jobs back. It’ll only make shit cost more. And by that, I mean tariffs are taxes on us. Also, HE IS GOING TO BRING BACK THE JOBS. No president can do this.All they can do is get the government the fuck out of the way. That’s not tariffs, a fucking wall, and threatening businesses. There’s also the non-0bamacare 0bamacare, the paid family leave, and more debt (because more military spending and infrastructure waste). Also, only good immigrants (no solution here of course).

He then went on to all our spending in the Middle East (bad) while we’re not wasting that on infrastructure (remember 0bama’s “shovel ready” bullshit?). Also, he’s going to spend more money on the military and bomb ISIS more (which is how we spent trillions over there). Fuck, he talks out both sides of his pie hole.

And then he called on Congress to replace 0bamacare with Not0bamacare. That’s nnot a solution. Maybe a few people who are getting fucked by ridiculous premiums will benefit. But it still doesn’t solve the overarching problem of government fucking the free market in every orifice at the same time. Not a real solution to be found here.

Also, anytime the pOTUS says anything about Democrats and Republicans joining together, I shudder. The last two times were the godawful Patriot Act and that bullshit bailout back in 2008. Seriously, fuck that shit.

Then we got to the personal stories section of the address. This really started with Bill Clinton, using sob stories and inspiring shit to make political points. There was the girl saved by new drugs that the FDA was dragging its feet on. Then came the education girl, which was all about school choice. Lots of good here, except for wanting to throw federal money to get poor kids into non-government schools.

Then we got to the perennial jerking off of law enforcement (from the GOP’s Greatest shit). By that I mean the call to support them no matter what. Including when they’re enforcing immoral laws, or continuing biased enforcement. Because they’re heroes or something.

(This is not an attack individuals who put themselves into danger to help others, but a recognition that slavish hero-ing of an entire group does nothing but give them license to kill (literally), as police are, domestically, the  most blunt expression of state violence by nature. Internationally, it’s the military.)

And then came the four victims of violence by immigrants. Probably the Mexican rapists did it. This is low. The fact that they broke an immoral law to enter this country is not a reason to condemn everyone who does. If the system was moral, and worked, the ones that come in that are criminals wouldn’t get back in, because the cost would be too high.

And now, we come to where trump hits the lowest point of all. After promising to throw more money into the military, the fucking shitbag trump shines the spotlight on Carryn Owens, the widow U.S. Navy Special Operator, Senior Chief William “Ryan” Owens. The soldier who was killed in the raid in Yemen. The man whose father wouldn’t even meet with the son of a bitch that sent his son off to die in the futile and perpetual War on Terror. This was the raid where the shitbag-in-chief didn’t even go to the situation room (even 0bama knew to do that when he sent people to die). Of course, the Generals told him it was a success. Doesn’t change the fact that it took trump less than a month to issue orders that made someone a widow.

This was the point where I seriously wanted to punch him in the face. The rest I can overlook as “thugs gonna thug,” but I do take sacrificing our armed forces in pointless actions seriously. And I’m increasingly tired of politicians dragging the dead and wounded and widowed from the perpetual wars out so they can beat their chests and say how brave and honorable the fallen are, and thus sound all fucking patriotic, when the cost is human lives in a never-ending grinder of death and war. And anything he said in the campaign about getting out of these pointless occupations just went out the window with this fucking bullshit display. Damn him.

Okay, let’s get back to the light anger, because I just realized I got more pissed than I usually do.

So after the bullshit above, he dropped this line: “We must learn from the mistakes of the past — we have seen the war and destruction that have raged across our world.” Nothing he’s said in his speech leads me to believe he’s learned a damn thing, and that he’s poised to keep the insanity going.

So then we descended into the speech-ending platitudes. Mostly pointless, except there was a mention of Thomas Edison, the noted inventor idea promoter and government power whore. I suspect those two would get along swimmingly, because they love them some legalized force over the competition.

And when it was over, I dropped a final tweet to share my feelings: Ok, now I can go piss and puke. Get of my screen, Cheeto Hitler.

And now, here’s what I found about the words that my libertarian heart and mind looks for in political speeches. He used freedom three times: once in a string of meaningless platitudes, once when using a dead soldier as a political pawn (because he’s a bastard), and only once about actual policy (health care). Liberty only got used once, in the speech-ending platitude crap. And the only time he mentioned the constitution was in relation to his SCOTUS pick. So it’s easy to see why I’d be  unthrilled with this speech.

So perhaps the GOP will reign in the spend-happiness. Of course, looking at the Bush years, probably not. Perhaps he’ll grow in the role as president. I’m not optimistic, but the presidency does change (and age the fuck out of) someone. So while I’m not very optimistic, I’m reminded of an article I was reading (I think it was from the Foundation for Economic Education, but it’s bedtime, so I’m not looking it up),  about hitting a button to eliminate the state. The gist of it is that we work around the state all the time to eliminate it from our lives. From paying cash under the table for work, to the black market, to illegal downloads and 3D printed guns, it’s possible to live a life with the state reduced, even as they get their thug on.

So we’ll survive the next 4-8 years of this shit, and maybe, if we’re committed to freedom and liberty,  Washington will start to get forgotten a little more every day.


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