The Interwebz History of the Illustrious One

In my time online I’ve collected a few email addresses (a total of 6 active ones at the time I fired this blog up), going back to 1995, when the Internet was this cool thing they had at college. Nevertheless, the amount of user-generated content was small, mostly consisting of crap and goofy sites with shitty colors. And navigation still sucked.

Yeah, it was that confusing in the old days.

12 years (and an assload of porn links) later, I decided to take the edge of my split from the Succubus (see my history) and get my writing back in action by diving into blogging

Sane Political Discourse – October 30, 3007.  Since I was already long-experienced at smacking around political footballs, I picked politics as my political fate.  As I was shiny and new, the first few months were rough.  And desolate.  And then I found another blog and started posting.  from there, I found many other.  Some conservative, some liberal.  Either way, with it being 2008, with a presidential election in full swing (devolving into the McCain/Obama clusterfuck), it was fun and contentious.  In the end (600 posts later), I petered out after the contentious, historic, but ultimately unsatisfying 2010 election, last posting in April 2011.

Of course, being the diverse person I am, I was not satisfied with just the fun of political hackery.  Thus I unleashed a couple more blogs:

The (ill-named) poetry blog – January 21, 2008.  This, and a blog where i was working out a story idea, became my creative outlets.  Unfortunately, I suck at rattling though my old shit, and I wasn’t writing poetry.  And the story blog only got a few entries (fucking writer’s block) so I pulled it down for possible future use.  But I left up the poetry.  There’s not a lot, but it was fun while it lasted.

Of course, I still had lots of other shit to talk about.  This meant I decided to get a personal blog:

 …the uncensored mind of Patrick M – October 9, 2009.  I unleashed this to share some of my personal life, cover things I didn’t want to put in the political blog.  The biggest problem is that I tend to not want to talk about my life when it gets shitty.  And much of my personal venting moved to the podcasts that came around.  And, of course, the posts were devolving into attempts to says something interesting, followed by a masturbatory reference and a complaint about my house not being clean.  Thus the blog died along with my father, on January 28, 2011 with my eulogy post.

But then came something I had wanted to do for a while.  Having done some radio back in college, I wanted to get back to that live radio excitement.  And with his return to the states from the ass-end of New Zealand, my buddy Lars, a new project was born:

3×2 – November 5, 2010. The podcast that throws three topics at two geeks (namely Lars D the PseudoKiwi and the Illustrious One who’s blog you just showed up on) is now in its second season, producing some fucked up shit.  It’s fun.  If you have not listened, get there and get thee an earful.

If you’re not convinced, here’s a clip of it.  Assuming I get it edited.

And that brings you to what brought me here.


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