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Father, tech-head, political sage, and the Illustrious One of (little) 3x2 fame, I have been blogging for a few years now, and want to stretch in new directions, discover new things, and redefine redefining just for the fun of it. Nonetheless, having produced a pointless paragraph about me, I'll stop before something bursts.

Thoughts on the trump-Kim Summit

I’m going to dispense with my usual warmup and verbal mockery of trump for this one, because maybe he’ll get this one right in the end. To be honest, I don’t care how we achieve peace or who gets us … Continue reading

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Another Day, Another Bombing (Syria Edition)

So overnight, word came that the air strikes promised (in usual, idiotic form on Twitter by President Assface McDicktits) after the use of poison gas, allegedly by the leadership of Syria, have occurred. This post, however, is not about the … Continue reading

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Obligatory SOTU Punishment Post

I really don’t want to go through this speech, but I feel a need to. First, though, let me get my caveat and the obligatory trigger warning for people who whine aboot that shit out of the way: TRIGGER WARNING: … Continue reading

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We’re STILL Talking About the Knee Thing?

I had kind of forgotten about the whole NFL #TakeaKnee thing since that was last year or something, and plenty of other horrible political things (mainly, whack jobs from both the right and left) have showed up. But lo and … Continue reading

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Mel Brooks and Cards Against Humanity

So I hopped on Twitter today to see Mel Brooks trending. My first assumption, as he’s 91, is that he’s also dead. Easy assumption to make, since Twitter loves to talk about the dead. Thankfully the cmedy legend is still … Continue reading

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When You Give a Hack a Gun….

The latest attempt by the GOP to “repeal” Obamacare, the Graham-Cassidy bill (whatever the hell it’s called) is a piece of shit. At least that’s what a few (probably all, but I ain’t got the time) left-leaning sites are saying. … Continue reading

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On Memorial Day

As the son and grandson of veterans, Memorial day growing up was a ritual of taking in a solemn parade, then spending time in the graveyard at ceremonies. Those conducting the ceremonies were often ill-suited to the purpose, their speeches … Continue reading

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Why Libertarians Aren’t Winning Forever

In looking through my twitter feed, I see the usual stuff. Most people don’t like the GOP. Or Democrats. Or the president. Or congress. Or the _________ (insert shitty government agency). Or the government. So it continually amazes me that … Continue reading

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Thoughts on trump’s Joint Address

First of all, I think I’d have liked it more if it had been a JOINT address. As in if I’d smoked a joint before watching.  Because I don’t remember any of these speeches that didn’t piss me off. At … Continue reading

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The Battle For the Soul of America, the Super Bowl, and trump

Having said goodbye to the -11 shackles of partisan blindness that I wore as recently as 2008 (thanks to Bush, McCain, and 0bama for giving me a reason to despise both parties), I’ve been both amused and disgusted at pretty … Continue reading

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