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We’re STILL Talking About the Knee Thing?

I had kind of forgotten about the whole NFL #TakeaKnee thing since that was last year or something, and plenty of other horrible political things (mainly, whack jobs from both the right and left) have showed up. But lo and … Continue reading

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It Sucks When Your Candidate Loses, But…

Before I get into the meat of this post, I will pass on a few condolences to Hillary supporters. You fought hard, and you got kicked in the nuts on election night. It sucks to see your hopes for the next … Continue reading

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Still, F*ck Trump

First of all, let me reiterate that I’m a Libertarian, and that I voted as such (as in everyone I voted for (except one candidate running unopposed) lost. The bullshit of election day was not my fault, because I didn’t … Continue reading

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Why We Should Welcome Our New Clinton Overlord

Before I begin, this article is not an endorsement of that corrupt bitch, because I’m still supporting Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, as he is the only decent candidate at this point with a chance to win. But honesty requires that … Continue reading

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The Country is Officially F**ked

There’s no nicer way to say it. With Ted Cruz now out of the race, the GOP’s nominee is actual human shit, comparable to nominating a Kardashislut or any celebutard. On the Democrat side, this means the godawfully corrupt Hillary … Continue reading

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On Rubio and Cruz, the GOP, and “National Defense”

While reading through my twitter feed about the most recent (and pointless) GOP debate, I spotted a quote from Marco Rubio defining conservative, specifically: “conservatism is about limited government, free enterprise, and a strong national defense.” Knowing what I know … Continue reading

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On the Departure of Rand Paul

A day after it broke as news (because I’m always behind (heh, heh)), I found out that Rand Paul had called it quits after his less-than-his-principled-father crappy showing in Iowa.  This brings a few thoughts into my head that must … Continue reading

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The 2016 Iowa Caucus Fallout

First of all, this post will not be about my preferences (which may involve, loudspeakers, coal oil and Washington landmarks). This is my cold, hard assessment of what happened in Iowa, my predictions for New Hampshire, and ultimately my prediction … Continue reading

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The Only Watchable GOP Debate

Being a libertarian (and a former Republican), I have mostly followed the debates for the sheer morbid horror of watching the kabuki theater that is the campaign season. After all, I’ll probably vote third party anyway, and both parties will … Continue reading

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Why Birthright Citizenship is Good (other than it’s also in the 14th Amendment)

In the rush to build the biggest wall on the Mexican border, the GOP candidates and much of the party have lost sight of the nature of this country. Simply put, we are a nation of immigrants. With the exception … Continue reading

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