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Because sometimes people and things just piss me off. Not for politics. Just because they suck.

Can 2017 Suck Less?

2016 sucked my “big” fat one. And by big I mean minuscule and childlike in a way that involves using centimeters to get whole numbers. And I was still unsatisfied (as there was no literal sucking in my case). Actually, … Continue reading

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Soldier Porn

So I spent my Sunday as I do every year, consuming the cotton candy trappings and otherwise not-that-exciting game known as the Super Bowl (when I get into football, I’m a Cleveland Browns fan, so I’m not that into football … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day Musings

For me, Mother’s Day isn’t high on my priority list. For example, I spent this Mother’s Day working then suffering through another damn headache (which for your information sucked monkey nut sack balls). Now mind you, I did take my … Continue reading

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SOTU and Response Preview with No Point (Just Like the Speeches)

I’m looking at capping tonight off by listening to utter bullshit being shoveled out.  Because it’s time for President 0bama (that’s with the number 0) to give his State of the Union Re-Elect Me, I Don’t Suck speech again followed … Continue reading

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Why Government Schools (and Some of Their Teachers) Are Evil and Should be Burned

(note, especially to the Nazi douchecock I shall refer to here shortly: the title is hyperbole and not meant to be taken literally.  It just sounds cooler than anything else I could come up with.  So suck it. Please.) So … Continue reading

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The 7 Deadly Sins of Christmas Music

I listen to A LOT of Christmas music at this time of the year (as in I go to my collection for albums of the stuff) compared to most people who usually can’t stand the repetitive nature of the music, … Continue reading

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Why Ron Paul is Unelectable

Now, before I get into this further, let me be clear:  I am a Ron Paul supporter.  It is highly likely that, come next year, I’ll be voting for him in the primary (my first choice, Gary Johnson, will probably … Continue reading

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Casey Anthony – Succubus Escapes Justice

I hadn’t really followed the Casey Anthony case closely, as I assumed the evidence would easily convict the twatwagon succubus would tacked to the wall on some charge.  Obviously, that didn’t happen. I wasn’t shocked she escaped the 1st degree … Continue reading

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Death, Destruction, News!

I know this won’t be anything new or revolutionary, but I’ve been having the radio on in the morning, and the local news channels must be suffering decreased ratings, because the fear mongering has been ratcheted up from what it … Continue reading

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Another Post-Succubus Mother’s Day

I’m sitting here on Mother’s Day, working and fulfilling the role of father and (when necessary) mother as usual.  And as usual, I mull over the decisions that I made that burdened my children with the “mother” that they saw … Continue reading

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