Contact Me (and discover pain!)

Yeah, I’m going to give you email addresses and all the ways you can contact me and bask in the glow of me. – This is the home of all email for this blog, and my past blogs.  A response is eventually guaranteed, unless the shit you send reads like spam.  I will endeavor to actually check it more. – This one is specifically for suggestions and requests for the most amazingly edited (by a lazy bastard using free software) podcast out there, 3×2.  If you haven’t listened, do so.  You won’t be sorry, unless you are.  Then register your hate so we can make fun of you.  Because we will.

The Digsby Widget:  If I’m online and at my computer, I may be up for a quick chat.

(That’s assuming digsby can remove their head from their ass and get the widget screen migrated)

And if I haven’t hyped it enough, get thee to Twitter, sign up, and see what’s up @patrickmspeaks!  That, if no where else, I am most consistently found.


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