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Republican Crybabies

For the past week, I’ve been ass-deep in the election, and in the aftermath.  A few things have become apparent.  First, the political dynamic in this country is swerving toward permanent Democrat control based on everything I see.  Second, the … Continue reading

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Why I am Voting for Gary Johnson

If anyone who hasn’t heard any of my political views in the last 3 months wasn’t sure, I am voting for the Libertarian candidate for President of the United States, Gary Johnson.  Since I continue to hear the usual bullshit … Continue reading

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11 Years Later

(note: this post was supposed to go up on September 11, but a combination of my laze and a revelation as to the subject make today the perfect day to post this.) I mostly avoided anything involving remembering 9/11 yesterday.  … Continue reading

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Why Foreign Policy Doesn’t Matter in 2012

Yes, before you burst a sac or two, this will be another post in support of Ron Paul.  And I’m going to explain why Ron Paul’s foreign policy (the bane of mainstream “conservatives” and one of my points of concern … Continue reading

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