Some Late-Summer Miscellany

Between the brutal heat of July and the effects of A/C on the mind, plus the futility of work, the constant nagging of those annoying little fucks that are my dear children (you can love AND hate them all in the same moment), and the continuing work on podcasts and video over in 3×2 territory (we’re into the third season of the 3x2cast), I’ve let this place slide, except when getting a political rant on.

I know, nothing unusual for my lazy ass.

But I’ve been in the process of stretching my scant dollars to their limit, and even more amazing, I’ve managed to get and KEEP my kitchen clean (for at least a week).  And I managed to get my couch replaced and most of the old one burned up (note: molten flaming cushion foam burns like a motherfucker).

This of course portends a major family event.  My mother was supposed to have closed on her new condo yesterday (which is probably the subject of her call while I was working earlier (VOICEMAIL SUCKS ASS, MOM!)).  This means that she is ready to move, and my family home, which has been ours in some degree for 35 years (and I’ll be 38 next weekend) will be ours no more.

It wasn’t unexpected, of course, since my father’s death.  It was a lot of house that required an assload of maintenance to keep up (especially his modifications).  Thankfully nothing major has crashed and burned in the interim.  So sometime before she finishes the move and hand off the keys I need to take a walk through the empty rooms.  Just one last time.

Meanwhile, there’s one other bit of nostalgia I get to indulge in tomorrow.  The first band I knew of from my high school class (and an inspiration for my own musical works), the One-Eyed Show, will be making their triumphant return to the St Marys Summerfest for the first time in over a decade.  And it’s possibly been almost as long since I last heard them play.  So time to pack the kids up after work and sit in the beer tent fully sober and hope Lauren doesn’t get too demanding and William doesn’t bolt, and enjoy some tunes.



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